One final photo, and then we close down ...

Ravenscraig ladies Bowling Club at their last prize presentation before closing.
Ravenscraig ladies Bowling Club at their last prize presentation before closing.

CUTS in Council funding have forced the closure of the only ladies bowling club in Fife.

Ravenscraig Ladies Bowling Club had to close after Fife Council decided to stop the club’s grant and offered the members the chance to run it.

But with costs estimated to be around £20,000 a year it was a price that the 10-member club couldn’t afford.

Una Snowden, president, said: “We were offered the opportunity to take over the lease of the clubhouse and greens but it was going to cost far too much.


“The machinery needed to tend to the grass was costing £6000 alone.

“The Council will say that it’s not closing us down but effectively that’s what it’s doing.”

Jean Abercrombie, who is the club secretary, was also one of the founding members in 1987.

She said: “We had been warned that this was coming three years ago, but there was nothing we could do to stop it.

“It’s a shame. he clubhouse was lying empty before we started the club and we did it up by ourselves.

‘‘At that time we were the only ladies club in the whole of Scotland.

“I don’t think I’ll play on.

‘‘This has made me lose heart a bit.”

Club Convener, Nan Dick, added: “We were out there rain or shine three afternoons a week, every week.

‘‘We know the same thing is happening to other clubs too.’’

Peter Howden, development manager, parks and ccountryside, said: “The closure of Ravenscraig Bowling Club was unfortunately an inevitable outcome of the bowling greens review.


‘‘The key from the review was to pass the full management and maintenance of the greens over to the on site clubs, seeking a consistent approach across Fife.

“The club membership was considerably depleted at Ravenscraig and there was insufficient support or will for it to become more actively involved in the full management and maintenance of the site.

“The ladies who remained there agreed that at the end of the season they would cease to operate as a club.

The ladies are determined to play on with most intending to join other clubs.

But Una said: “It’ll be hard having it taken away.

‘’“It’s the end of an era.”