One of oldest trees in Glenrothes gets the chop

Cllr Ross Vettraino next to the condemned tree
Cllr Ross Vettraino next to the condemned tree

One of the town’s oldest trees, which has flourished for around a century, is to be cut down following the discovery of a fungal infection.

The mature beech tree at the rear of 64 and 66 Woodside Way, Glenrothes, which had established itself three decades before the earliest construction work started on the new town, was recently inspected by a Fife Council officer who discovered the presence of a fungus known as gonoderma, for which there is no treatment.

The decision has now been taken to fell the tree as soon as possible because of safety implications.

The beech tree is leaning over two sets of garages and is also next to a pathway that is a main route for pupils attending Auchmuty High School.

Glenrothes councillor Ross Vettraino told the Gazette felling the tree was a sad, yet necessary act that needed to be carried out.

“When the tree was inspected last year the fungus was in its early stage of development, but a re-inspection in October revealed that the fungus had spread around the tree,” said Cllr Vettraino.

He added: “Although the tree may look perfectly healthy to an untrained eye, the nature of the fungus is that it eats away at the base of the trunk and will eventually result in failure of the tree, usually with the tree snapping over at about three metres from the base.

“The tree has also been inspected by an independent expert, whose findings support those of the council officer.

“Given that the tree’s precarious location it is important that action is taken before the tree becomes unsafe.”