One way is only way ...

The snow covered entrance to Cumbrae Terrace this week. (Pic by Tony Fimister)
The snow covered entrance to Cumbrae Terrace this week. (Pic by Tony Fimister)
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WORK on creating a one-way traffic system around a busy Kirkcaldy road is due to begin tomorrow (Friday).

And it can’t come quickly enough for Cumbrae Terrace residents who say they have waited more than two years for it to be created.

They say the new road layout construction at Chapel Level and Hendry Road has made their lives even more of a nightmare in recent months, with traffic using their street as a short cut to avoid delays.

The creation of the one-way system will see traffic restricted to one direction clockwise from Hendry Road, through the south side of Cumbrae Terrace, two way at Lismore Avenue then one way again on the north side of Cumbrae Terrace, with traffic nibs narrowing the exit from both one way sections and signs warning that it is one-way traffic.


The one-way system aims to reduce the build up of traffic using the street, including that coming from the nearby mosque which is currently undergoing a major expansion.

Tony Fimister (62), of 8 Cumbrae Terrace, said that most residents would welcome the new system.

“We had hoped that it would have been in place before the winter which is when the problem is at its worst, especially as we have been campaigning for this for two years,” he explained.

“We had all seen notices taped to lamp-posts in Cumbrae Terrace asking for people to lodge objections in October, and we thought work was about to start, but about six weeks ago a similar notice appeared in the Press.


“The traffic flow in Cumbrae Terrace has greatly increased especially at peak times with traffic, including construction vehicles re-routing to avoid the roadworks and hold-ups at the new roundabout.

“There have been several accidents over the past few months which could have been avoided if a one way system was in place and lots more near misses. The sooner it is in place the better.”

David Ferguson (71), of 13 Cumbrae Terrace, said: “What sparked this was when we had really bad snow a few years back and we have been waiting ever since. I don’t think it will reduce speeding, but it should make it a bit safer.”


Gail Knox (40), at 19 Cumbrae Terrace, said: “This should make things a lot better as it has been a nightmare recently. It has been a long time in coming.”

Ian Smith, traffic manager with Fife Council, said: “This is a straightforward job which will see two road narrowing sections put in to ensure traffic leaves the one way system on the correct side of the road, along with associated signs.

“It should only take a week to complete and it is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.”