One-way system is more dangerous than before!

Stewart Berry at the problem island on Cumbrae Terrace
Stewart Berry at the problem island on Cumbrae Terrace

A one-way system installed to make a road safer for residents in a busy Kirkcaldy street is now proving a danger.

Just over a year ago Cumbrae Terrace was made one way, with residents entering on a short two-way stretch of road before going to the left on a one-way loop and coming back out on the other side. Residents originally agreed that the move was needed to prevent traffic jams due to vehicles parking down both sides of the narrow street.

However, since an island with traffic direction signs was added, it means that vehicles are coming out from behind parked cars into oncoming traffic, and there have been numerous bumps in under a year, including one car being written off. And children are using the island as a playground, swinging on the flexible mounted traffic sign to touch vehicles as they go past.

And they have contacted Fife Council to ask for the island to be removed or for the one-way system to be reversed to give traffic a clearer view.

Stewart Berry (52), of 45 Cumbrae Terrace, says he is waiting for an accident to happen.

“My car has been scratched, my daughter’s car has been dented and my neighbour’s car was written off about five months ago when a speeding taxi driver had to swerve in when he didn’t see an oncoming vehicle.

“I’m most concerned about the kids’ safety as the island attracts them to play on it, and one could easily end up under a car. The council put in a speed camera for a week, but that was no deterrent.”

Diane Davies (45), added: “All the bairns hang about there and cars have had to stop suddenly because of them. It’s just a matter of time before something happens.”

Victoria Duff (29), added: “My husband’s car was written off in December. Something needs to change.”

Ian Smith, lead professional, traffic management said there were no plans to remove the island.

“We will work with the residents to see if additional traffic calming or adjustments could help and we will speak to the community police to get them to warn the youngsters playing there,” he said.