Oops! - Circus lorry fells historic gatepost

KIRKCALDY;'Beveridge Park;'Damage to entrance'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Beveridge Park;'Damage to entrance'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

A HISTORIC gatepost at the side entrance to Kirkcaldy’s Beveridge Park has been toppled after being struck by a circus lorry at the weekend.

And park officials say they won’t know the cost of repairing the damage until an assessment has been carried out by a specialist stonemason - but it will be covered by insurance.

The accident happened on Sunday morning as the Bulgarian-based Big Kids Circus, which had been in the park for a week, was packing up and moving on to its next destination.

A lorry laden with chairs and other equipment struck the side of the stone pillar - which has stood since the park was created in the 1890s. -as it attempted to manoeuvre out the narrow gateway next to the entrance to Balwearie Road.

An eye witness, who was out walking with his toddler son, said: “It didn’t manoeuvre through the gates very well, catching one of the pillars as it squeezed through.

‘‘ The pillar twisted and the pediment on top fell and smashed to the ground.


“I reported it to the police, who took a statement from me. To their credit the circus did report the damage, but nevertheless it is a shame that this historic piece of stone has been damaged.’’

He added: “Damaging that pillar is the only lasting impression they’ve left on the town!”

The gatepost has been completely taken down and cordoned off by tape.

Scott Clelland, area parks team leader with Fife Council, said he had received a call from the council’s emergency callout team on Sunday to say there had been an incident.

He added: “I can’t say an awful lot at the moment as the police are involved and there is a legal process to go through.

“We will need to seek specialist help from an expert stonemason about repairing the pillar, but the circus does have public liability insurance which will cover the cost of the damage.

“It is early days and we don’t yet know when the repair work will be carried out.”

A spokesman for Fife Police confirmed that the matter had been reported.