Opinion: Clock is ticking to save Kirkcaldy events

Kirkcaldy4All has a finite time left.
Kirkcaldy4All has a finite time left.

Kirkcaldy4All will be missed –once its gone.

A lot of its work is done behind the scenes, supporting local events and initiatives, and providing advice and support to individual businesses moving into town.

That all ends come March 2020.

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With minimal resources, it has become an events company – everything from the Christmas lights to vital support for Fife Pride, the revived half marathon and even our now-defunct comedy festival– as well as a key voice in the town centre debate.

Just as Dunfermline is discovering with the collapse of ‘Dunfermline Delivers’ there is no Plan B should a BID end. There is also no identifiable, dedicated resource at the council to step in and replicate all that it does. Kirkcaldy4All’s proposal on the table to create a digital innovation district offers something new and something bigger.

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Digital isn’t the future. It’s the driving force behind the revolution that is sweeping through every High Street and every aspect of our lives right now.

It is pointless replacing the BID with a similar structure. Filling empty shops isn’t going to happen, and the transformational change needed is still a slow, laboured process.

A Digital Innovation District gives the town the opportunity to support retail in a different way, and also expand its reach into all businesses in town as well as community groups.

It chimes with the latest Scottish Government thinking, so, it’s reasonable to anticipate political support from Holyrood.

And, once launched, it won’t cost the council a dime other than its own levy

Kirkcaldy4All has a finite time left. We cannot get to March 2020 without a steer on what happens next ... otherwise, nothing will happen.

There is no Plan B. So, let us embrace this new concept, and put the wheels in motion.