Opinion: Why Kirkcaldy is awesome – love your town and it’ll love you back

Colin Wallace, restaurant manager at the Dining Rooms.
Colin Wallace, restaurant manager at the Dining Rooms.

A Kirkcaldy restaurant boss has struck a chord with local residents after pointing out why the town has far more to shout about than you may think.

Colin Wallace, restaurant manager at the Dining Rooms on York Place, has made an emotional case on social media, highlighting reasons to feel good about the Lang Toun.

Here, in full, is the post which has drawn so much attention and reminded local residents why the Kirkcaldy area has more to offer:

Ah, Kirkcaldy.

In two months time I’ll have lived here for 5 whole years.

I hear so many people being down about this town. ‘It’s dying’, ‘What’s happened to the High Street’, ‘All the empty shops!’, ‘More houses?!’

Ken yersel.

But you know what? This town is awesome.

I’ve made better friends here than I did in 12 years of London and several other points on the globe. There are beautiful open spaces; Beveridge Park, Ravenscraig, Seafield, Lochore Meadows just down the road... All perfect for wandering on a sunny day. There are gorgeous homes, pretty views, and fascinating buildings.

There are lovely people doing interesting things. Independent businesses abound if you just look. Sure, the High Street is not what it once was but neither are any of us and that’s no different to many other towns across the country. It’s called change and it’s a process, it’s not going to happen overnight.

The town centre will rise again with the right guidance and concessions. When people pull together with a united purpose, incredible things happen.

Kirkcaldy has a glorious industrial past of which we are hugely nostalgic and justly proud. Products manufactured here decades ago can still be found in service across the world today.

But being great doesn’t necessarily need a world stage. Being the best we can be starts with a state of mind and pretty soon change starts to happen.

I am lucky, I see this view when I wake up every single morning and I find it inspiring every single time.

Go and do something in Kirkcaldy today; buy a necklace from Eloise, get a haircut at Revolution, a coffee from Kangus or head to Priory Park to burn off some energy.

Because it’s true what they say; you buy a top in a chain and an oligarch buys a superyacht. But you buy local and a kid gets a school uniform.

Love your town. It will certainly love you back.

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