A capital adventure

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

Last week I was in London where soaring temperatures and a dousing of dust swept over from the Sahara made it feel like summer compared to the chilly Scottish climate I’d left behind. My week began with a sight-seeing tour of the usual tourist hot-spots Buckingham Palace (the Queen wasn’t in), Big Ben (the kids said it was just like it looks on the HP sauce bottle), Downing Street (feeling like a ‘pleb’ on the other side of the gates while the media pack salivated inside), and the London Eye (well, we eyed it up but the hair-raising prices were enough to keep it at that..) while the fee to take a trip up The Shard was equally steep. A bus tour, a boat ride and trips on the Tube had to suffice but a good time was had by all..and only ended on a slightly sour note with a friend’s faux pax on the independence debate where he said he would be sad if Scotland left as, “it has been in England for such a long time”...

Stomach-churning: The first weekend of May is looming large now that the holidays are over and with it the stomach-churning count down to the Inverness to Fife Ness charity cycle organised (badly) by me. Training has been almost non-existent due to other commitments and after almost going over the handlebars, I’ve discovered my bike’s brakes are a bit stiff. Maybe that’ll not matter though as given the lack of preparation I’m unlikely to be going anywhere fast!

Mice aren’t nice: It seems that when we left home last week the mice family moved in. We’ve had these annoying visitors from time to time and usually a dose of poisoned bait does the trick but now it seems they prefer the taste of my sofa. It’s old and the kids have jumped all over it but I was hoping it may last a bit longer and spare me the nightmare of sofa shopping.

This week: Trying to stay awake at work... hoping for some dry weather for evening bike rides... and a much-needed haircut!