A Dream of Lights - Kerry Drewery

A Dream of Lights
A Dream of Lights

This has to be the quickest read I’ve had in a long time.

The story of Yoora and her life in North Korea definitely had me turning the pages.

The story starts with teenage Yoora who lives with her parents and grandparents and knows nothing outside of her own country.

She dreams of a bustling city full of cars and lights - something unlike anything she has ever known.

But her whole life is turned upside down when she falls in love and she has a challenging journey ahead.

The book is very well written and Yoora was a very likeable character.

Reading this and joining her through the ups and downs of her life this was an emotional read at times and throughout it all the line on the cover ‘the only thing they can’t take is your hope’ stays in your mind.

I really enjoyed this book, and after finishing it I discovered its really aimed at younger readers.

However, even knowing this now I’d still recommend it to everyone, whatever your age. It’s definitely worth a read.