A grand day out at the Garden Party

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

It’s not every week you get an invitation to meet the Queen but on Wednesday Mr A and I made out way over to Holyrood for the Garden Party. We were blessed with a gorgeously hot summer day and Edinburgh was busy but still not hoaching with visitors as it will be come next month.

The walk from Waverley to the Grassmarket where we had lunch was lovely but it was on the downward trek to Holyrood that my feet started to feel the pinch of high heels. Yes, just for a day I had high heels and a hat. Fortunately I was in good company and there were certainly an amazing array of hats. Come the end of the day after hours spent royal watching, there were also some spectacularly shoe-less women limping up the Royal Mile shoes in hand.

We were blessed with a gorgeously hot summer day

Why do we do it? Who knows but for one day it was definitely worth it.

There was also another grand occasion in the Alexander household this week as the smallest person reached the grand old age of six,

Her birthday celebrations coincided fortunately with the last day of school and the afternoon was spent enjoying fun in the sun with her friends at Cairnie fruit farm. Being rubbish at organising proper children’s parties, letting them run about, eat picnic food and pick their own strawberries, this was the ideal solution. However, upon leaving the birthday girl questions whether it was a ‘proper party’ (“because that has cakes, dancing and music”) and could she have another party soon?....Let me have a year to think about it.

After spending a delightful evening letting my children spash about on the rain-soaked Old Course last Saturday, I’m looking forward to seeing The Open begin next week.