A hope more important than politics

Rev Daniel Pollin'Coastline Community Church'Pittenweem
Rev Daniel Pollin'Coastline Community Church'Pittenweem

I don’t know if you saw that video doing the rounds during the referendum campaign?

It was a mash-up of the party leaders singing songs, the words being put together from selections of their speeches.

Alex Salmond was singing ‘I want to break free’, followed by ‘Please release me, let me go’.

Alistair Darling was singing ‘I am never going to give you up, run around or desert you!’

Gordon Brown got in on the action with a repetition of ‘No, No, No, No’, followed up lastly by David Cameron’s version of ‘We are never, ever getting back together; like ever’.

It was brilliant satire. However, I wonder if you are currently feeling like that at the minute with politics?

Singing is the best thing they could do!

Today (Wednesday) when you read this, we will be getting ready to head to the polls.David Dimbleby will be pulling his all ‘nighter’ and the country will wake up to … that’s the million dollar question.

I know from conversations with folk that this idea seems to cause a variety of responses; untold panic, chaos, apathy, etc.

Yet for the Christian, how should we respond?

Firstly, we should remember that brilliant Psalm 93: “The Lord Reigns, He is robed in majesty and is armed with strength. The World is firmly established; it cannot be moved. Your Throne was established long ago; you are from eternity.”

Politics for us is not the final hope, nor the greatest reassurance.

We have a God who is eternally in control, loving and good, who committed His Son to give His live for us on that Cross that we might be forgiven and saved, if we believe in Him.

A King who will never be overthrown.

So in the light of that truth, cast your vote, pray for our leaders and remember were our true hope lies.