A musical journey across the globe

Mike Batt
Mike Batt

Take Note - with John Murray

With a few local gigs before playing Mela Festival at the end of the month it was good to catch up with Lionspirit Music with musicians originating from Mauritius.

Playing mandolin with them though was Dougie Gordon from Dunfermline and he too has a new project ongoing where he composes music based on his travels.

A multi-instrumentalist, the tracks so far involve layers of percussion but with his mandolin taking lead and inspired by trips to Morocco and Paris.

A full album will follow but more importantly Dougie will assemble a live music experience where the Oran Project will bloom and have new life as the individuals bring their own skills to the piece.

With a new album of classical compositions the welcome return of Mike Batt demonstrates his craft of orchestration.

A Classical tale (Dramatico), brings together his own choice of his original work such as On Watership Down, ‘Dublin’ Overture and Caravan On The Move from the movie Caravans.

Several overtures appear from the animated TV series Dreamstone which won awards.

His diverse career continues following the gold discs as The Wombles to his production and writing credits with Barbara Dickson, David Essex, Cliff Richard and Katie Melua.