A nod to Fab Four as the Duchess of Kirkcaldy turns 50

The Beatles
The Beatles

I remember like it was yesterday – the event that is not the song, although they are related.

I mean buying the Beatles White Album which technically was just called ‘The Beatles’. 
It was this week 50 years ago that Lennon & McCartney 
were working on the recordings at Abbey Road ahead of the November 1968 release 

After their ‘trip’ to India to meet with the Maharishi Yogi they had lots of new songs written and it was mooted that perhaps a double album would be needed even after weeding out any weak songs.

For the lengthy studio sessions tempers flared and often only a couple of the group were present.

It was the beginning of the break up as the following year the work on the Get Back sessions and filmed for the Let It Be movie showed more tensions and their swansong Abbey Road LP although the release dates meant a different order.

Fans will know the White Album though for great tracks like Back In The USSR and Ob La Di, Ob La Da which launched the career of Scottish group Marmalade when they covered it with great success but local fans all turn to Cry Baby Cry which of course mentions the mythical Duchess of Kirkcaldy and misspelt on the album lyric sheet but putting the town on the map in Beatleworld and where they performed for two shows five years earlier.

Written by John on his own it’s based on a nursery rhyme and an advert ‘cry baby cry, make your mother buy’.

The original LP is a rarity depending on condition and how low the number is with 1-20 being most valuable, Ringo selling his 0000001 in December 2015 for $790,000. The first 300,000 are mono and the next were stereo, the numbers all stopped at three million.