A quack solution ...

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

This week has been all about ducks. 1500 yellow plastic ones to be precise.
May is the month when Cupar Children’s Gala has its annual duck race in the river Eden and having served on the gala committee for nearly six years I have seen a lot of ducks take the plunge.
There were a few strange looks in the office when, asked what I’d be doing at the weekend, I replied “selling ducks at the farmers’ market”.
A few curious comments followed about whether my hens had acquired some new feathered friends. I’d recommend the duck race though for any charities looking to raise some cash quack!

Tech talk: Far too many precious hours have been spent by me recently going round in circles trying to find out what’s the best deal on a new laptop/iPad and mobile phone.
My home PC is slowly grinding to a halt and before it does, I need to buy its modern day alternative, while my mobile is still out of action following an incident with the washing machine...I’ve looked at MacBooks, iPads, laptops and the most appealing choice yet, a ‘transformer’ laptop.
No not a ‘robot in disguise’ but a flip and fold device that looks pretty good. 
Any advice from techies out there will be greatfully appreciated - along with a lottery win to fund my new high tech lifestyle!

All in the family: Looking forward to another packed weekend beginning with the Fife Show on Saturday and my ‘niece’s’ third birthday on Sunday.
I’m not really her auntie - she’s the daughter of my best friend - but after all these years it’s nice to have someone say ‘auntie Lindsey’ and have her and her elder brother regard my children as their cousins. A recent charity bike ride reminded me of just how lucky I am to have such a good relationship with my own cousins, who are now spread across the UK and are fantastic people to spend time with.