A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

A Winter Flame
A Winter Flame

Recommended by Fiona Dobie

If you’re looking for a book to get stuck into now that the nights are drawing in and the colder weather is approaching, then this is the perfect book for doing just that if you’re a fan of a good rom-com.

I’ve read a number of Johnson’s books now and each and every one has been an enjoyable, easy read.

This one focuses on the story of Eve.

She’s never liked Christmas since her fiance was killed in action in Afghanistan on Christmas Day.

So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a theme park in her will.

A theme park with a Christmas theme.

But of course, there’s another catch.

Her aunt stipulates that she must run the park with a mysterious partner - Jacques Glace.

Johnston’s excellent storytelling will take you to a winter wonderland and is guaranteed to make you feel festive.

Once you’ve started this book if you’re like me, you’ll struggle to put it down.