A word in your head ...

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

By Gordon Holmes

Been wallowing in nostalgia a bit.

First of all, the death of Terry Pratchett provoked over 25 years of great memories immersed in his wonderful imagination. No other author I have read could use language in such a vivid, fantastical way, creating a magical world that was alive inside your head.

Indeed, I have a signed copy of ‘Feet of Clay’ in which, rather than the normal greeting, he wrote “To Gordon, a word in your head...”

I first read Pratchett when a colleague at the Arts in Fife loaned me a copy of ‘The Colour of Magic’ and I spent a whole day hiding among the broken frames and paintings I was supposed to be restoring, devouring the entire book!

How good was he? Well, even my brother, who willl admit that the extent of his reading used to be the Broons and Oor Wullie annuals, has read a couple of Discworld novels!

G’day mate: Still in the 80s, and I have to admit that, on its 30th anniversary, I was once a devoted fan of ‘Neighbours’, so a recent TV special which had some of the old stars reminiscing was like swimming in a deep pool of nostalgia.

I was 17 when it started and it became a cult show among students for reasons that are lost in the mists of time.

I stopped watching in the early 90s but confession time - when I worked away from home for five months in 1988 with no access to TV, I got my mum to tape every single episode (on video, no Sky+ back then) and then watched them all when I returned!

And finally: Seem to recall my generation spent our childhood being warned not to put the knees out our trousers, and now everywhere you look, people are going about with big holes in the knees of their trousers... Go figure.