Recommended by Jamie Cowan

As a horror fan, it can sometimes be difficult to find a film which is still terrifying when watching the second time, let alone the first.

That’s why I found ‘Alien’, the classic 1979 horror movie, to be a fun, if not entirely pleasant, surprise.

Set aboard the spaceship Nostromo, ‘Alien’ chronicles the crews efforts to survive after the ship is invaded by a freakish monster intent on offing each member of the cast in as horrible a way imaginable.

It isn’t just the monster that the makes the film creepy, however; the sterile setting, combined with the ambient noises of the ship, gives the film a disturbing, almost mechanical feel.

Even the titular alien looks more like a machine than a living creature.

If you can stomach the terror, the film proves to be an incredibly well-shot and well-acted classic, which revolutionised an otherwise stale and sometimes predictable genre.

Even if you don’t love horror films, ‘Alien’ is still certainly worth a watch.