All set for a Fringe frenzy

Allan Crow
Allan Crow

By Allan Crow

If you want to see me in August, you’d better make an appointment!

My diary has gone ever so slightly into over-drive as the Fringe looms large.

Previously I’ve mooched across to Edinburgh and adopted a ‘pick and mix’ approach to seeing shows. This year everything is timetabled, and booked. Grief, there’s even a Google document to keep it all in check ...

I now have some 26 shows to catch in little over two weeks - and worryingly (for my bank manager) there are still a good few on the ‘want to see’ list.

The only disappointment was the Doug Anthony All-Stars cancelling their visit. I last saw them at the Adam Smith Theatre some 20-plus years ago – their reunion would have been something special. Alas ...

Show time: This weekend marks the start of a cultural month - I should be a fully fledged luvvie by the end of it!

Looking forward to Val McDermid’s Saturday lunchtime chat with Graham Spiers on football, and then it’s a quick journey to Falkirk to see Tom Jones.

Sunday is earmarked for Pittenweem Arts Festival which is always worth a wee jaunt up the coast. Just need a dry day to wander round all the exhibitors.

Big games: It’s been a week of planning ahead as Fife Flyers’ fixtures came out last week.

Back to back gamee in Belfast certainly appealed – smashing city with so much to see above the hockey – but instead we’re opting for a jaunt to Altrincham and then, thanks to some cheap as chips flights, a weekend in Cardiff.

If there are any pennies left then Belfast may come back into the reckoning.

Just don’t tell the bank manager ...