Am I Peaking at the right time..?

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

By Paul McCabe

This week, in fact most weeks recently, I’ve spent quite a bit of time ploughing my way through the Twin Peaks box set.

Back when it was first broadcast I was a huge fan and watched every episode religiously.

I even started taking my coffee without any milk in it, having been inspired to try it that way as it was the preference of the show’s hero, Agent Dale Cooper, and still drink it black to this day, albeit decaf (sigh).

Despite being such a devotee of the show I hadn’t watched it since so it’s been quite interesting seeing how much I can recall 25 years later.

There are bits I remember clearly, occasionally I’ll realise that I remember what’s coming next but there are vast swathes, vital parts of the narrative, that I’ve no recollection of whatsoever which is slightly concerning.

Then again, I was 10 minutes into a repeat of Gogglebox a couple of weeks ago before I realised that I’d seen it before.

The reason for finally getting round to watching all of Twin Peaks again is the beyond exciting news that it’s coming back next year and despite it looking dated, some ropey acting, amusing attempts at special effects, and a subplot concerning a paper mill which I’m finding a complete bore, it still stands up as a remarkable piece of television.

Now comes the tricky problem of staying alive until next year for the comeback...

My wife and I decided to spend a child free night away in Edinburgh as a nice little Valentine’s treat to ourselves.

We had a great time on Thursday and made plans to spend the majority of Friday in the city too, until I woke up during the night with a stomach bug passed on to me by my delightful children and spent hours convulsing in a hotel bathroom. Thanks, kids.