An historic week

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

This week has got to be one of the most interesting there’s ever been - Scotland’s very future could change and there can’t be many people who haven’t been swept up in the hubub over the independence referendum. Never before have I seen so many engaged in a debate and even if I haven’t agreed with some of the views I’ve heard - and some arguments have been pretty bizarre - it has been amazing to be part of something which will go down in history - whatever way the vote goes. What’s also struck me this week is that it hasn’t been the politicians who are winning people over but the ‘real’ people - the artists, singers, comedians (and by that I don’t mean the usual parade of waste-of-space ‘celebraties’) but the people who have made Scotland what it is and why we are all proud to be Scottish - whether we’re a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ voter.

In perspective: This week is also a very sad one, and one which certainly puts plenty of things in perspective. I attended the funeral of a young mum who died following her second battle with cancer, leaving four children. Despite being told the cancer was terminal nearly two years ago, she battled on long enough to see her sister marry and have two children of her own. Her sister, my friend, said she hardly ever complained about the pain she was in or about the fact she knew she was going to die. Her smile and her courage - both of which I’ll remember forever - are an inspiration.

Hole in the wall gang: On a completely trivial note I have been contemplating knocking a wall down between my living room and kitchen to create what the style magazines call a “social space” for family Alexander. Who knew making a hole in a wall could be so expensive? It’s just a hole for heaven’s sake, but, as to be expected, nothing’s ever simple - or cheap!

This week: Fat-busting exercise classes seem to be the current obsession and my Wednesday night one’s called ‘Boot Camp’ - but as they say ‘no pain, no gain!’