Ayoade on Ayoade by Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade
Richard Ayoade

Recommended by Ralph Mellon

This self-styled ‘cinematic odyssey’ is a very funny read, even if the layout and structure is a little exasperating at times.

It’s not an autobiography at all, but basically a parody of the rampaging egos and absurd self-importance displayed by some in the film and artistic worlds, with a semi-fictionalised version of Ayoade interviewing and researching another semi-fictionalised version of himself.

If you’ve seen him in discussion, or his straight-faced appearances on panel shows, you may have an idea what to expect.

You may also be familiar with him from ‘The IT Crowd’, ‘The Mighty Boosh’, ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, ‘Man To Man With Dean Learner, ‘Nathan Barley’, ‘Time Trumpet’ and more.

And he’s been round the block once or twice himself in the world of film, having directed ‘Submarine’ and ‘The Double’.

A vast horde of detail and thought has gone in here to the pretentious stream of expressions and much of it is very cleverly funny.

By the end, though, the word ‘Ayoade’ is one you may never wish to read again.