Back for good ...

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

By Paul McCabe

Following a running-for-a-bus injury (no, really) many years ago, I’ve ended up with a small patch of arthritis which causes me severe back pain from time to time. Boo, hoo. Poor me. I spent many years shrugging it off (painfully) but after a month over the summer in some discomfort I was finally convinced to go and see someone. On the recommendation of FFP Ed and fellow back pain sufferer Allan Crow, I went to see an anatomist in Edinburgh who very quickly told me that it wasn’t my arthritis that was causing the bother but a trapped nerve, which in all likelihood I’d had for many years. So after some vigorous back rubbing and stretching I was out of there trapped-nerve-free but with the warning not to carry anything too heavy for a few days. This was a problem because at home I’d a rucksack all packed and ready for a weekend trip to London.

My trip down south was to see my favourite band of the last few years, The Jim Jones Revue, play their final gig. After seven years together, roughly the same amount of time I’d bored friends to death banging on about them, they’d decided to call it a day with a final tour. I saw their last Scottish gig too but there was no way I was missing this one. It was a sell out at Kentish Town Forum, quite amazing for a band I’d seen just a few years ago in front of 50 or so people in a tiny Edinburgh pub. For the uninitiated The Jim Jones Revue are a punked up, ferocious take on 50s Little Richard rock n’ roll and the gig was a pretty wild affair. I stood looking on enviously at the edge of the heaving moshpit wondering if joining in would hurt my creaky old back. By the encore I temptation got the better of me and in I went, emerging sweaty but happily unharmed.

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