Back in the saddle and packed lunch woes

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

With a certain big birthday looming at the start of next year it’s been on my mind that I really need to get back into doing a bit more exercise.

Cycling, golf and even my regular weekly walk with friends have fallen by the wayside while the schools have been off for the summer break.

But the minute I had packed the little people off to school last Wednesday I hopped on my bike for a ride to sunny St Andrews.

A few holes on the local golf course took up most of the next evening and then it was back on my bike for a 15 mile round trip to my hairdresser on Friday.

I’m not sure though she was too pleased that after all her coiffeuring efforts I put my cycle helmet back on!

On the subject of the schools going back, it’s great to have some routine in our day again but talking with friends we have discovered mutual bugbears primarily in the form of the daily plague that is packed lunch making.

Despite trying to provide some healthy fare plus the occasional bag of ‘baked not fried’ crisps, I’m on the verge of giving up asking what they want.

“Jam” “ham” come the two replies each and every day.

“What? Again?” I roar back.

“Yes” comes the reply.

“But you had that yesterday” meets with silence.

Turns out I’m not alone in trying to provide some variety to no avail. Quails egg sarnie anyone?

This week ends with an invitation to the Local Heroes awards dinner in the Rothes Halls.

I was lucky to go last year and completely humbled by the efforts of so many local people - whether they were showing courage in the face of adversity or making massive efforts to help others - there are so many people across Fife who deserve recognition.

I expect Friday evening will be no different and bring a few tears to the eye.