Beatles links stay strong

Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr

Music Matters with John Murray

One of the obits only noticed by Beatles fans was that of Cynthia Powell.

She was not an ex-Beatles wife but rather an ex-wife of a Beatle.

She married John Lennon in 1962 before the mania happened and gave birth to her only son Julian amid the mayhem but forever in the shadows.

Putting up with infidelity she was permanently dumped when Yoko entered the scene.

Never getting the Lennon fortunes she deserved she died of cancer this week in Majorca aged 75.

Quite a time too for ex-Beatle Ringo Starr who learned he will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio later this month.

Reports say he was nominated by Bruce Springsteen who had found that Ringo was the only Beatle still to be inducted yet even Brian Epstein their manager was already an inductee.

Sir Paul will do the honours prompting rumours of a musical reunion.

Announced in the week of the release of his 18th studio album Postcards From Paradise (Universal), this and an October US tour gets Richie in the news again.

Co-writing all 11 tracks on the new album he apparently said to fellow musicians that he was recording at his Los Angeles home and if they were in town just to drop in and be on the recording.

Having said that and knowing his past record(s) there are a few memorable tracks such as his reflective love song Not Looking Back with Richard Marx with a small strings section adding value.

Ringo looks, sounds and leaps about like somebody three decades younger – easy to forget he is 75 in July.

Joe Walsh on guitar adds his customary licks to Bridges but it could have been a couple of minutes more and may well be if he joins the All Starr Band for the tour.

The title track will get most airplay as it namechecks stacks of songs from his past.