Beer but little cheer ...

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe
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By Paul McCabe

Like some of you I headed along to the Bavarian Beer Tent at the weekend. I went before the Rovers-Hearts match at Stark’s and the atmosphere was excellent, only to be soured somewhat by over zealous security. Upon arriving I was asked to remove my scarf then after getting the beers in was asked to put my jacket back on to cover up my football colours. The bloke then went round asking everyone else to do the same. There were hundreds in the tent as this point. If you had removed all the football fans there would have been around 25 left. The compere then encouraged the Hearts fans to get up and sing only for security to rush over and make them sit back down. Were this Galatasaray against Fenerbahce I’d maybe understand but this was Raith Rovers against Hearts. Surely a bit of common sense wasn’t too much to ask?

Good Doctor: It was the new series of Doctor Who at the weekend which was being shown simultaneously at the cinema. Not good enough for a big Dr Who nerd like me so myself and the family went over to Edinburgh for a special preview screening at the Edinburgh Festival two days beforehand. It was presented by Andrew Collins and Frank Skinner was in the audience, star spotters. All in all I thought it was an excellent episode. Capaldi was as good as I had expected he would be, but I was particularly impressed with Jenna Coleman as Clara. It was an impressive and accomplished acting display.

Cold war: I finally took the plunge, literally, and took part in the ice bucket challenge. As someone with a hatred of getting wet this was quite a big thing for me. But actually it wasn’t too bad and of course my children loved getting to pour buckets of water over me. Someone, somewhere has doubtless written a sniffy article about it. It’s raised millions for charity and it’s easy to ignore. Where’s the harm?

This week...went to Ally Gourlay’s very brilliant ‘Glitter and Twisted’ glam rock evening which raised hundreds for Maggies... attended a friend’s wedding in St Andrews.