Beware the scene stealing seagulls ...

A seagull (not necessarily the one off the telly!)
A seagull (not necessarily the one off the telly!)

By Allan Crow

The seagulls of Kirkcaldy strike again!

Not content with stealing a baguette clean out of its paper bag as I walked along the High Street, this week the winged neds upstaged my appearance on telly.

Aye, live telly too...

BBC News were in town doing some General Election stuff and I was lined up to take part.

Midday on High Street, Ben Brown and I are chatting live to camera. Unknown to either of us, the real story was happening behind us, and thanks to the joys of a Vine - a short video - the sight of a seagull trying to steal a kid’s sausage roll, and then being beaten back by an argy mum was quickly shared on social media.

Add in my surname and you can understand why I ain’t too keen to tune into this week’s edition of ‘Have I Got News For You!’

Let’s walk: I’m taking part in Bob’s Walk 2015 this summer to raise thousands of £s for Maggie’s Fife.

Training is going well - I’m back up to 14 miles without too many problems other than sair legs.

Walked the entire length of the Water of Leith recently and saw my home city from an entirely new perspective.

Shopping gene: I really don’t have the shopping gene - unles it’s for books & CDs.

Deposit me in a clothes shop and I’ll revert to Kevin the teenager, mumble, point vaguely at something and buy the first things I see... which may explain why folk give me a wide berth on holiday.

Primark on a Saturday? I’d rather rub my head repeatedly into a cheesgrater. I know the clothes are cheap, but I really don’t want to pick ‘em up off the floor. Not with my bad back....