Big Brother by Lionel Shriver

Big Brother
Big Brother

Recommended by Allan Crow

Shriver doesn’t pick the easiest or cosiest of subjects - from high school murders to cancer, and now obesity.

Her books challenge as much as they entertain, but within everyone there is a always a moment where she gets her message across with crystal clarity.

‘Big Brother’ tells the story of Pandora who goes to the airport to collect the jazz musician big brother she has adored but not seen recently.

What she sees shocks her -Edison has gained hundreds of pounds in weight and is obese.

His arrival impacts on her step-family, and even more so when she decides she has to try to change his eating habits.

That sees her moving out and joining him on a diet - one that will take a year to achieve its goals.

The book confronts her issues with weight as well as his, and also looks at just how much people have to sacrifice to help someone who perhaps doesn’t even want to be saved.

Shriver’s writing style is sharp and analytical, and, pardon the pun, she gives you plenty food for thought.