Bit of a rubbish holiday ...

Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke
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By Debbie Clarke

I have just returned to work after a relaxing two-week break. And I am pleased to report that one of the main tasks I had planned to carry out has been completed. I desperately needed to tidy up my flat and get rid of a lot of rubbish I had been storing or rather, hoarding! I did the clean-up in stages, tackling each room at a time and now the place looks almost brand new! When you are working you never have enough time to really get into the areas you need to sort out properly, but I am glad to say that it has now finally been done. I must have filled at least four black bin bags! At least now it’s a nice place to come home to and each room is completely tidy - well for the time being anyway! I did have intentions of reading a few autobiographies I was given for Christmas last year but yet again I didn’t manage to get round to it. It’s amazing how the time flies so quickly when you are off work.

Sad news: I like millions of others was shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news about Robin Williams last week. He was a comedy genius and so talented. I took the time to watch the film he won his Oscar for, “Good Will Hunting.” It has been a while since I have seen it but I wasn’t disappointed. He was superb in the role of psychologist Sean Maguire and his scenes with Matt Damon were very moving. Such a loss to his family and friends, but also to all his millions of fans who loved his work.

Bad TV: I had hoped my ears were deceiving me when I heard an advert on television promoting the new series of Celebrity Big Brother. I can’t believe this terrible show is still being broadcast. Big Brother is bad enough but the celebrity version is awful. The most laughable thing about it is the people on it aren’t even proper celebs! They are usually wannabe stars just looking for a pay cheque and five minutes of fame. The quicker the series is shelved the better.

This week ... enjoyed a night out with the girls, went shopping for new gym gear and went to the cinema to see one of the latest film releases