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The Drop by Michael Connelly
The Drop by Michael Connelly

The Drop

by Michael


Recommended by

Allan Crow

ARE we nearing the end game for Harry Bosch?

Connelly’s outstanding cop character is starting to drop hints of following Rebus into retirement.

On the evidence of ‘The Drop’ I hope that is still a good few years away – this is as good as anything Connelly has penned in recent years.

Bosch is back in the cold cases unit trying to nail a sexual sex offender, but he is also ordered to investigate the sudden death of a politician’s son – a man he has crossed swords with in the past and who has vowed to destroy him.

‘Why me?’ is the question Bosch asks as he tries to work out the politics behind the decision, and, as always, Connelly weaves the story around the twin plot strands with forensic precision.

We also learn more about Bosch as a single parent … and is the master author already sewing the seeds for a new character in his daughter as she starts to consider a job in the police?

Fascinating and compelling. As always.

This is TV series begging to be made.