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A Life Too Short
A Life Too Short
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A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke

by Ronald Reng

Recommended by Jamie Callaghan

On November 10 2009, German goalkeeper Robert Enke walked in front of an oncoming train. He was 32 and left behind a wife and child.

‘A Life Too Short’ isn’t the stereotypical football biography. Ultimately it is a book about depression, trying to understand what led to the much-loved Hannover 96 goalkeeper to take his own life.

Written by Ronald Reng, a close friend of Enke, the book is an emotional and sensitive account of the keeper’s life told by those who loved him.

It’s compelling, while also disturbing, to read how Enke’s fear, insecurity and crippling anxiety, which was first noticeable as a teenager, developed while participating in the most publicised sport in the world.

Coming in the wake of Gary Speed’s suicide, the book reminds us that although we see these footballers every week on TV, we really know nothing about them.

This book is for everyone, not just football fans.

It’s just as much about life as it is football.