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How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy - recommended by Debbie Clarke

‘HOW to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy’ is a must have for any coffee lovers intending on travelling to Italy. The comprehensive guide not only gives you all the names of all the major types of coffee (or cafe expresso in Italian) - so you can order them properly - but it also offers you close up photos. Accurate descriptions of each one are given as well as details of special coffee drinks and the types of sweeteners you can have. It also offers tips, for example most Italians wouldn’t have a cappuccino after 11.00 a.m and never during or directly after a meal as it is not breakfast. This is a fabulous guide and the best thing about it is its reliability - the author Sara Rosso has lived in Italy since 2003 so she knows exactly what she is talking about. My favourite chapters were Italian breakfast - which tells you what to expect and order to eat with your coffee, Understanding the bar culture in Italy and how to make coffee at home like an Italian. I have made several attempts to make Italian coffee at home and it never tastes quite the same!