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Mick Jagger biography by Philip Norman
Mick Jagger biography by Philip Norman

THIS serious tome from respected biographer Philip Norman is an exhaustive chronicle of Jagger’s life and extraordinary career with the Stones - but a gossipy, quick read too, despite its considerable length.

Of course Jagger’s rock-god status originated with the Stones’ hell-raising (and anti-Beatles) image during the sixties and that’s all covered here but, behind the drugs busts, prison spells and that Delta Blues drawl, Norman exposes Jagger as a clever operator whose attitude to the music industry is more akin to that of a ruthless businessman than a red-hot-rebel .

That stinginess extended to everyone in the Stones - bar fellow songwriter Keith Richards - and most unromatically in his high profile relationships with Marianne, Bianca, Jerry et al. His treatment of Marsha Hunt was genuinely shocking.

What comes across most clearly in this book is that Jagger’s first love was really himself.

A character not entirely likeable but compulsive reading nevertheless.