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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith - Recommended by Gordon Holmes

This is one of the most entertaining reads I have had in a while.

The concept that America’s most celebrated President was also one of its best vampire hunters after one of the creatures killed his mother when he was a boy, and that their influence would play a major role in most of the important moments of his life, is clearly absurd and yet you quickly forget this and it all seems completely believable!

Credit for that goes to the style Smith has adopted, it’s written like a straight biography and includes excerpts from Lincoln’s actual ‘journal’ that he kept to document his exploits, as well as photographic ‘evidence’.

Where it is clever is the interweaving of actual historical facts (the book has been meticulously researched) with the vampire story, to the point where you are convinced you are reading the actual life story of Abraham Lincoln!

But it also never forgets it is a pastiche and has humour and gore aplenty, while the ending, though you know it’s coming, is fantastically daft.

Just a fun read for those open minded enough to try something different.