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The Secret Keeper
The Secret Keeper
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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton - Recommended by Fiona Purnell

The summer of 1961 is where this story starts, when 16-year-old Laurel is hiding in a treehouse and witnesses a crime that changes her world. 
Jump forward to 2011 and Laurel is a much-loved actress but the events that she saw that day still haunt her. 
 She returns to her family home and begins to piece together a history she, and her siblings, are unaware of. 
The story flits between the war years, the 1960s and the present unveiling the story of three strangers - Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy, whose paths cross in war torn London. From the beginning this book had me hooked and intrigued as we learned of events from different angles. 
Morton does a good job of keeping the story moving and although it moves between the decades unlike some other books I’ve read in the past it remains easy to follow. 
There are a few twists and turns along the way that are sure to keep you guessing before the author neatly ties up all the loose ends in a way that will leave you feeling satisfied.