Book Choice

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Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes by Sue Watson - as recommended by Tanya Scoon

Looking for some lighter summer reading after months of crime novels, it was the title of this debut novel which initially caught my eye.

It is a hilarious and poignant look at the cut-throat world of daytime television through the eyes of slightly-past-her-prime producer Stella, who suddenly finds herself being thrust into the storage cupboard of the glamorous world of television in favour of a ruthless younger generation of executives.

Moved from prime time telly to producing a show combining gardening with religion, and torn between her love of her job and her feelings of guilt over her neglected family, the book deals with many emotions and scenarios facing working mothers today.

However when her life suddenly changes overnight, Stella is forced to make lifechanging decisions and she eventually realises that her love of baking could turn out to be her salvation.

With a host of brilliantly believable characters and situations, this book is a great summer read.