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The Longest Holiday
The Longest Holiday

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon - Recommended by Fiona Purnell

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than settling down with a good cheesy chicklit novel and this book fulfills just that role.

I’ve read Paige Toon’s books before and I’ll be honest they are all in a similar vain - a typical love story.

This time we meet Laura who discovers seven months after her wedding that her new husband made a terrible mistake the week before their big day.

She’s mortified and humiliated and her best friend whisks her away to Florida’s Key West for a break.

Of course, in chick lit a holiday is never just a straight forward holiday of sunbathing and enjoying delicious meals and a few drinks in the evening.

Unsurprisingly Laura becomes distracted by a man - Cuban scuba diver Leo.

So when it’s time to go home, it’s decision time. Should Laura go home to her new husband and sort things out, or is there more to Leo than just a holiday romance?

An easy and enjoyable read.