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Canada by Richard Ford
Canada by Richard Ford

Canada by Richard Ford - Recommended by Allan Crow

Richard Ford’s ‘Sportswriter’ trilogy remains among my favourite books of all time - I’m currently reading them again , and I suspect ‘Canada’ will be added to that list.

It’s classic Ford as he chronicles the tragic lives of a young boy whose family implodes - and he does it with a haunting, compassionate style that underplays the full horrors of what happens.

Dell Parsons is just 15 when his mum and dad decide to rob a bank.

It goes hopeless wrong - these were two ordinary people who came up with an impossible plan to resolve their money issues - and the family is torn apart as they both go to jail.

His sister vanishes and Dell is transported across to Canada to begin a new life in a largely deserted town.

Ford sweeps across the barren landscape and creates a compelling story of people whose lives are all damaged by secrets and lies, and with very few exits for those who want to take a different direction.

If you are new to his work this is as good a place to start ...