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by George Dawes Green

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Gordon Holmes

SHAW and Romeo are two disgruntled young men who work as IT providers in a small town in Ohio. They decide that they need a break, and take off on a road trip to what was to end up in Trinidad. When they reach Brunswick, Georgia, they learn that the super lottery has just been won with tickets purchased at a local store. Shaw learns who the winners were and hatches a plan that will get him and his buddy out of the rut they have been in for years.

Meanwhile, the Boatwrights will soon learn that winning $318m was the worst day of their lives.

A frustrating novel which starts off with a great premise and a real sense of menace but loses its way somewhat when the unappealing Shaw suddenly develops a cult following for no apparent reason and the story descends into a comic caper which negates any feeling of threat.

That aside still worth a read.