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by John


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Allan Crow

I PICKED this up as an extra while rummaging in a book store recently - and quickly became engrossed.

‘Capital’ is the story of the lives of people who all share the same London street.

their lives rarely cross-over - some don’t even know their neighbours - but they are all tied together when postcards stating ‘we want what you have’ start arriving in the post.

Whether it’s a prank or something more sinister you don’t actually find out until much later on - in truth, it’s simply a backdrop to explore the everyday lives of a diverse group of people who face common problems such as money worries, redundancy and failing health.

It has the feel of a fly on the wall documentary which flits from the spend-, spend spend wife to the family torn apart by the arrest of a son on terrorism charges to a bright young footballer crippled on his debut.

In truth, nothing much actually happens, but Lanchester still keeps your attention with his eye for detail and his finely crafted characters.

This would make an absolutely smashing movie...