Book of the Week - Allan Crow

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Proof Of Life

by Karen Campbell

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Allan Crow

A NEW name to me, but one worthy of adding to the huge number of excellent Scottish crime writers headed by the fantastic Rankin and McDermid..

‘Proof Of Life’ is her fourth novel, and after reading it, I’m keen to explore her work further.

Her key character is Chief Inspector Anna Cameron who has just got her life back on track, is heavily pregnant and handed a murder inquiry which brings everything dangerously close to home.

It’s a multi-layered novel - there’s a parallel story which sees Glasgow facing potential terror threats and unrest in George Square, and a sinister killer looking for revenge.

Are they all linked? Well, yes and no - but they emphasise the very different nature of the job facing a senior cop in a busy city.

Campbell pulls it altogether and then hits you with a truly devastating ending - and that ‘wow’ factor is one specific reason I want to explore her other novels.

She’s a name you need to add to your list of crime authors.