Book Review - Cooking with Jame: Shop Smart, Cook Clever

Save with Jamie
Save with Jamie

I always love a bit of ‘pukka tukka’ and there is nobody better in my eyes to dish it up than the naked chef.

It might seem silly spending money on a cookbook when you are trying to save but sometimes you have to spend a little to save in the long run and Jamie Oliver’s latest book offering 120 tasty money saving meal ideas is one of those times.

The book itself isn’t budget as it’s packed full of glossy photographs and nutritional information.

It is cleverly broken up into sections made up of main ingredients: vegetables, chicken, fish, beef, pork, and lamb making it easy to find a recipe that you are in the mood for.

But what is best about the book is, not only are the recipes easy to cook but Jamie also tells you what to do with left overs and off cuts meaning you can cook good food on a budget and without needing hundreds of different saucepans.

My favourite recipe in the book is the slow roast shoulder of pork.

I love a bit of pork and Jamie’s is so tasty - the meat just oozes juices.