Boxing clever

Fiona Purnell
Fiona Purnell

By Fiona Dobie

It’s been a week of chaos, surrounded by boxes for me. Recently my parents had some work done on their house and most of their possessions were required to be moved out of the property for this to be carried out. That’s when it became clear that I have far too much clutter. And the whole family is now urging me more than ever to have a clear out. Although I’ve spent most of the last year elsewhere it seems I had left an awful lot of ‘stuff’ - I’m not entirely sure what a lot of it is - at my parents. But now that it’s had to be moved out the family home for the work to be completed, I think I may struggle to get it all back in there. Problem comes in that I’m now in a flat and there’s a lot less storage space - if I had an attic I’d happily fill it. But, I don’t have one of those right now. So, there are boxes upon boxes for me to now wade my way through and sort out. Do we want to place bets on just how much I actually decide I no longer want/need? I’m one of these people who struggles to part with things, just in case...

Selfie craze: What is it about the ‘selfie’, you know that photograph that you take of yourself with your arm extended in front of you, that has made it so popular these days? Is it the smart phone generation where you can choose to turn the camera round to face you? Everyone seems to be taking pictures of themselves these days rather than of each other. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of them and I don’t just mean in recent weeks when there’s been that ‘nomakeup’ selfie campaign to raise awareness and cash for Cancer Research UK. Although according to news reports it seems that’s also given a boost to Unicef and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has had a lot of interest in adopting polar bears. Reading this, you may think I’m against the selfie - I’m not, I’m just interested in why it’s turned into THE thing to do.

This week...started watching House of Cards...