Recommended by Paul McCabe

Warning - This film begins with ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay but tempting though it is to immediately switch off I urge you not to do so - this is a quite remarkable experience in terms of its ambition if nothing else.

Directed by Richard Linklater it’s a coming of age film which follows youngster Mason as he deals with the divorce of his parents.

Not an entirely original concept, granted, but what makes this film so incredible is that it was filmed over the course of 12 years with the same cast members - you literally see them age during the film.

There are excellent performances all round, particularly from Patricia Arquette as Mason’s mother.

It scooped four awards at the Golden Globes (including one for Arquette) this week and will no doubt pick up an Oscar or two, deservedly so.

As an experiment it could have failed but it succeeds on every level and it stays with you long after you’ve finished watching.

It’s quite unlike any film I’ve ever seen.