California dreamin’

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

Holiday. That magic word that puts a smile on your face.

I jetted off to the sunshine state, aka California, in particularly San Francisco.

Despite being off for three weeks and one day, it never seems long enough!

I still managed to fit so much in, though – I think I need another holiday to have a wee rest.

I took in all the sights of ‘Cisco including a tour around the famous Alcatraz (which was very creepy and IS haunted, despite what some sceptics say), and a jaunt along the famous Golden Gate Bridge and a visit to the Haight Ashbury district – my spiritual home.

There was also a road trip down to San Diego with some stunning views across the Pacific, a hike through Yosemite National Park, which was fantastic, despite being linked to a serial killer 16 years ago...

I also ticked something off my bucket list with a cage dive with great white sharks, which wasn’t scary, just very surreal.

It was a helluva holiday.

Stalking the Stones: My trip Stateside just happened to coincide with The Rolling Stones’ Zip Code Tour so, of course, I had to shimmy off to San Diego to see my boys!

Biased I may be, but they were utterly fantastic, two hours of awesomeness that made me so glad that I’m alive and only Sir Mick Jagger can pull off a glittery purple jacket! I wish I had half their energy.

Roll on their next show.

One thing that did strike me as quite strange is that the band’s American fans are quite reserved.

When I’m at a gig, I like room to cut some shapes to my favourite songs, but the crowd didn’t share my enthusiasm although they quite clearly enjoyed the show.

Get up and dance, folks!