Change often offers new opportunities

Rev Arthur Christie
Rev Arthur Christie

Hello to you.

Hasn’t the landscape of our communities changed a lot over these last years?

Wee shops and individual businesses closed, various enterprises tried and failed.

Churches, where many people used to worship, closed, former large employers and industries like engineering, mining and brick making only distant memories.

Harbours that once bulged with fishing vessels empty, sparse or now marinas.

Some new initiatives are just brilliant and it’s great to see new homes built, new businesses opening up and old shops and premises turned into something new.

One of the changes I see is the use of buildings in expansion of legal services for criminal charges and proceedings!

A bitter-sweet change is that churches and other groups are getting together to offer Foodbank services to our communities.

Am I turning into Victor Meldrew or a grumpy Grandpa? Maybe, but I believe in change, I welcome most, but some is just downright destructive.

We seem to be immersed in a blame culture so that people live in dread of being judged and only a few understand forgiveness and apply it.

What a pressure we live under and thinking of that pressure, and the legal framework we live in, instead of a relational one, I’m reminded me of a piece of scripture (Romans 8:33): “Who can accuse the people God has chosen? No one, because God is the One who makes them right”.

Pressure. Every moment of your life, your accuser is filing charges against you.

He has noticed every error and marked each slip.

Try to forget your past; he’ll remind you. Try to undo your mistakes; he will thwart you.

This expert witness has no higher goal than to take you to court and press charges ... who is he? The devil …

He rails: “This one you call your child, God. He is not worthy.”

As he speaks, you hang your head. You have no defence. His charges are fair.

“I plead guilty, your honor,” you mumble. “The sentence?” Satan asks.

“The wages of sin is death,” explains the judge, “but, in this case, the death has already occurred. For this one died with Christ.”

Satan is suddenly silent. And you are suddenly jubilant.

You have stood before the judge and heard him declare: “Not guilty.” No need for legal counsel, or is there?

This is post-Easter and this is what The Resurrection was all about!

Jesus died for all of us, taking our punishment, lifting us and giving us the possibilities of change.

He rose from the dead and gave us opportunities of new life and new direction.

Like the use of an old building given over to a new purpose – in Jesus, all things can be made new.

That includes you… just ask Him.