Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

Recommended by Lindsey Alexander

Based on Sebastian Faulks’ award-winning novel, Cate Blanchett stars as Charlotte, a young St Andrews woman who becomes a spy in wartime France.

The action begins with Charlotte’s journey to London where she meets a man who is very interested in the fact she studied in France.

He gives her his card and later, in London, invites to her a party where, as well as being recruited by the Secret Service to be a courier for the French Resistance, she falls in love with a handsome young RAF pilot Peter Gregory, played by Rupert Penry Jones.

However, her mission behind enemy lines becomes a personal mission to find her lover who has been shot down.

Assigned to a Communist Resistance group she works uncercover as a nanny for two boys whose parents have been taken by the Nazis.

During her time there she encounters acts of betrayal from sometimes unexpected sources, but meets the violence of war and her own disappointment with hope.