Cilla: Queen of the Swinging Sixties by Douglas Thompson

Cilla: Queen of the Swinging Sixties
Cilla: Queen of the Swinging Sixties

Recommended by Debbie Clarke

I have been enjoying the recent television series about the early career of Cilla Black starring Sheridan Smith and was curious to find out more about one of Britain’s best loved entertainers.

I discovered Douglas Thompson’s biography about the popular Liverpudlian and found it to be very interesting.

It is written in a very chatty way and is easy to read.

I didn’t know that Cilla was a huge star in the 1960s and was one of the most successful girl solo singers of that decade.

I like the fact that she has a strong work ethic and when it appeared that her pop career was over she found another area in entertainment to branch into - television.

Cilla has always had a strong drive to succeed and is ambitious.

I mainly remember her for her days as the host of ‘Blind Date’ and for a long time didn’t realise that she was a talented singer beforehand.

This book is really insightful and it goes into her early career as well as looking at what she did later on.

If you are a fan of Cilla and have been enjoying the television series I recommend this book.