Columnist: $29,000 to name your baby?! I can come up with a few ideas...

I just about sprayed my coffee across Costa's window on Saturday as I read the papers.

Sunday, 1st May 2016, 9:00 am
A company in Switzerland came up with the idea

Companies are now charging parents to help choose names for their newly-born weans.

And the fee? Well, one in Switzerland reportedly bills ‘em $29,000 per child.

I wanted to laugh at the sheer brass neck of the entrepreneurs for making up a business that doesn’t need to exist – and also at the sheer vanity and stupidity of people who can manage to breed, but can’t even think of a name for their offspring.

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In the real world, these people need to be pointed and sniggered at in the streets. Truly they are thicker than the nappies they will soon be changing.

But if you happen to be struggling for a name allow me to come up with a few ideas.

How about David, George, Emily or Jill?

Now just make the cheque for ten grand out to Allan Crow ...

Good food: The Adam Smith Global Foundation dinner on Friday was fantastic.

The highlight had to be the entertainment from YMTS, those astonishingly talented youngsters nurtured right here in Kirkcaldy.

Their musical interludes – themed to tie in with the food from around the globe – was simply magnificent.

Winners: It was a great night too at the Scottish Press Awards – and not just because we won!

After another year of hellish challenges, changes and cuts, it was a joy to celebrate all that is still good about the newspaper industry, and why journalism remains a job like no other.

We’re still here and still rattling cages ... and that ain’t gonna stop any time soon!