Columnist: A dose of the '˜bah-humbugs' already...

Christmas decorations in the shops already? Bah humbug...Christmas decorations in the shops already? Bah humbug...
Christmas decorations in the shops already? Bah humbug...
It's started already and I am suffering from a right old dose of the bah humbugs.

Christmas has passed the ‘100 days to go’ landmark I didn’t even know existed.

A Sunday trip to Dobbies in Dalkeith gave me an injection of tinsel-itis right in the grotto.

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True. Santa has yet to bellow a hearty ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ but the shelves are starting to groan with all the festive tat. Give it another week or two and the dancing LED displays will have us wishing it could be Christmas every day.

Edinburgh’s over-hyped festive campaign has been launched too – same old stuff, some new venues, that’s it – and the breakfast radio competition waffle to ‘win a Christmas party for your office’ had me re-tuning faster than it could play yet another song by Bruno bleedin’ Mars.

Another late night at the museum? Don’t mind if I do...

The National Museum in Chamber Street has hit on a smashing idea. Once the bairns go home, crack open some beer, lay on some entertainment and have a party while folk wander round the exhibits.

And in doing so, it has curated a funky, chilled out event that sells out every single time.

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Looking forward to seeing Charlotte Church and her band headline on Friday.

Wonder if the team at OnFife fancy doing something similar at Kirkcaldy Galleries? I’ll bring the beer ...

Our Hall of Fame show is starting to come together rather nicely.

The stage setting is done, the list of inductees is growing, and our first major guest, Paul Merson, has been signed up.

But still got a few surprises up our sleeve for on the night at the Adam Smith Theatre!