Columnist: Absolutely no Roosh to return

Allan Crow comments on 'Roosh V'
Allan Crow comments on 'Roosh V'

I’d never heard of Daryush ‘Roosh V’ Valizadeh until last week.

He’s the guy whose planned “tribal gatherings” in Edinbugh and Glasgow were scrapped after running into a storm of outrage and threats of protests.

His absence from these shores should not be mourned.

Wading through his on-line articles and his website, the modestly titled ‘Return Of The Kings’ is like walking barefoot through slurry. You feel thoroughly unclean afterwards.

Roosh V is, or was, a pick-up artist who has knocked out a dozen books on his own sexual encounters and offered tips to men on how to pull (sample - in a bar “take your hands out of your pockets”. Truly, insightful stuff, chaps).

He talks about his “macho sex writing” and how he was “given a gift to be interesting and sensational”. So far he has yet to live up to either billing.

The language he uses is wretched – talk of ‘belt notching’ when it comes to the opposite sex – and it’d be all to easy to simply laugh at him and the stuff he writes, but the internet has given him a platform and an audience, plus an infamy he seems to revel in.

Last February he blogged that rape should be made legal in private property before quickly throwing his hands in the air and claiming he wasn’t being serious.

It was, he said, a joke – a ‘satirical thought experiment’ and said the media were telling lies. Clearly, becoming a famous, admired satirist is not going to happen to poor wee misunderstood Roosh.

What IS happening is he is being held to account for the words he wrote and the views he expressed in that blog which he now “laments”.

That’s why his proposed ‘tribal gatherings’ in 43 countries ran into such a hostile reception.

I asked around. No-one I know had a) heard of the bloke and b) they all thought a tribal gathering involved running around in an 18th century outfit with a yard of ale waiting at ye olde inn afterwards. Oh and c) not one of them would be seen within a mile of such an event.

Roosh V has been banned from some countries, and his meetings have now all fallen apart, so if you see any ‘neomasculinists’ wandering the Grassmarket - the planned muster point - this weekend, tap them on the shoulder and break the bad news. You’ll recognise them instantly - they’re the sad, wee, pitiful men gullible enough to listen to what he says.

His rape ‘satire’ aside you can also pick any of his articles at random and feel nothing but nauseaous, and deeply worried about the message he sends.

How about ‘Rape Culture: Manufactured to wage war on men’ complete with “trigger warning – contains images of feminists” - or how about ‘female equality movement is tyrannising men’ or ‘why foreign women are better than those in the US’ – and why alpha males (i.e. him) are cool. It goes on and on.

I truly despair.

Examine his entire writings and there’s one word, one value, you won’t see him spout. Respect.

He deserves none by return.